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Radio Programming

Tony Dibbin

Broadcaster | Programmer | DJ | Performer



Tony hosts the weekday breakfast show on the UK's classic hits network GOLD to over 1 million weekly listeners





Tony has programmed various radio formats over 20+ years. Currently programming the UK's Gold Network



From Live DJ sets through stand up comedy and large event hosting - Tony has the experience to deliver on demand


Twenty+ Years on air and performance experience


Live Party DJ

Tony is available to DJ at your family or corporoate event. From Oscar winning movies directors to the biggest names on TV Tony has personally DJ'd for a wide variety of clients.

Professional Voiceover

Tony is available 24/7 for on demand, high quality voiceover bookings.


Follow the link to MP3VOICEOVER for more details and booking information.

Tony has years of experience programming a wide variety of different radio formats.


To engage his personal, confidential and dynamic services for your radio brand anywhere in the World - Please get in touch today.


Creative Direction for live events & corporate activity

From stage managing live concerts at London's iconic Wembley Arena, through to designing award winning on air mechanics for large scale commercial promotions.


Please get in touch today if your next promotion or live event needs a creative, dynamic edge.