Tony Dibbin is one of the UK’s most accomplished broadcasters.
His CV is studded with some of the biggest stations of the last 25 years. He has just completed a 10 year stint as host of the daily Breakfast show on Global’s Gold network and is also a regular fixture on stations around the world.

It all began when Tony joined the line-up at the legendary Atlantic 252 in the late 90s. After many happy and successful months in Eire, Tony was summoned home to begin a grand tour of the UK’s best local and regional outlets including Chiltern, Beacon and Heart.

His impressive CV brought him to the attention of Richard Park, who invited Tony to join the team at Gold.
Soon after Tony’s return to national radio, a radical decision was taken to make Breakfast the only hosted show.

Tony was the presenter chosen to be the voice of breakfast.
This inspired choice resulted in a 200% increase in audience figures to 2019, including a 68% increase in the last 4 years.

Tony’s reputation has now spread globally, no pun intended!
Since 2014 Tony has been the regular ‘British Correspondent’ on iHeart Radio’s #1 rated Dave and Jimmy Show. His contributions to this highly regarded Breakfast show have been steadily increasing and are now almost a daily feature.

He hosts a daily show in New Zealand for Real Radio and his ‘Artist Profile’ presentations rule the high seas for P&O.
Tony has experience and skilled knowledge of all commonly used play out systems and has regularly been called to handle music scheduling. In the case of Gold, a clear factor in its success.

When it comes to celebrity interview pulling power, Tony has a proven track record. His memorable encounters include Ray Winstone, who was lured into some interesting revelations.
He sparred welsh vocal chords with
Sir Tom Jones and coaxed some cosmically intimate details from Major Tim Peake about life on-board an orbiting space station.

Away from radio, Tony is also a highly experienced public speaker and live performer. From his early days in the Swansea Youth Theatre, performing has always been a real passion.
Tony has also performed in professional pantomimes in Canterbury, Chatham and Bedford and also wrote and performed Russell Kane’s support act in 2011.

Tony has provided live DJ performances for a very unique set of clients including The Home Secretary of the UK The Rt Hon. Sajid Javid and Hollywood Director Stephen Frears.
Tony is a proud dad of two kids and spends most of his down time being diverted in to bowling alleys, cinemas, restaurants, theme parks and sunny beaches!

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